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Terms & Conditions

Price comparison includes merchandise selling price plus equivalent shipping method, handling charges, and sales tax. The item also needs to be the identical product and in new and unused condition. The item needs to be in stock and available for purchase from an authorized dealer and not a pricing error. Excludes rebates, liquidations, auction sites such as Ebay, and employee discounts. Price match discounts cannot be combined with CarGear promotional offers.

Expedited shipping offers and orders shipped outside of the Unites States or Territories may not be eligible for price matching. CarGear reserves the right to limit the amount of price match requests per customer.

On rare occasions, erroneous price or availability listings may appear on this site or independently operated affiliate sites. While we apologize for the inconvenience such an error may cause, CarGear reserves the right to correct inaccuracies at any time, with or without notice, and update any related orders. We also reserve the right not to price match against any erroneous price listing on this site or any other site. For more information on site errors and corrections, please email us at

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